Thing 4: blogging

This is the first time I have ever sat down and read a bunch of blogs.  It was so interesting to see how different they can be in terms of the content, the writer, and the reader.

I chose my first 3 blogs based on the topic.  The first one was Why I don’t assign homework.  Other people clearly found the topic interesting as well because there were over 300 comments which I thought was pretty amazing.  I loved seeing the back and forth conversation of the readers.   Next I read Is this SSR 2.0, another interesting topic with great dialogue.  I loved seeing how one teacher’s idea could reach a whole audience around the world.  Even though she was writing for strangers her tone was if she was writing to people she knew.  I was curious to read $2 Interactive Whiteboard, again because the topic intrigued me. It was interesting to see how she linked to a video in her blog.

I chose my last 2 blogs because I wanted to see how blogs could be used in the classroom with young children.  I looked at What Did we learn?  which was 4th graders responses to reading Trumpet of the Swan.  I loved that instead of writing a book report that only the teacher sees, these students were sharing their ideas with the entire class.  Last I read 2nd graders Write About Our Missing Duck.  What a fun creative writing assignment and I thought it was great that the children’s inventive spelling was not edited.  I guess you are never to young to blog!


One thought on “Thing 4: blogging

  1. I liked the blogging also. It would be really cool if there were blogs in the school – we could send out a topic like “how to keep pencils” and then everyone would comment on how they control their pencils from disappearing 10 minutes after putting 30 of them out. Especially when I only have 17 kids in the class! 🙂

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